Art Center Gualdo

Will it be another Breaking News in Universal Gazette, founded 1797?

Philadelphia, 2113: VOLCANO OF ART SEASON ONE successfully reloaded

It happened 100 years ago, on September 20, 2013 when ‘THE VOLCANO OF ART’ was set up to keep the memory of our anchestors alive at Gualdo Art Center. Art Blue, one of the very first creations of Minimal Blue called ‘The Ships to port’ and 42 artists came and took part.

Now HALCYDONIA made it and brought it back to life, as you see 12 minutes ahead of the historical event …

copyright: FIXING THE FACTS ®

All the original setting was recreated, including Third Mirror. Third Mirror became quite famous as ‘a statue’ holding 200 prims in hand at this exhibition. Of course far way from all-time record of obscurusart holding 1.000 prims in hand at the roof of Art Center Gualdo on September 20, 2013. Art Center Gualdo owned by Sisi Biederman got on overrun in visitors. What a surprise as it was just one day after her birthday! What a good start in a new year. Congrats Sisi! May your beauty be conservered in the simulator for eternity [premium story available]…


Read full story of THE VOLCAONO OF ART, The Beginning, for only 20 openprims in firstgrid or at Halcydonia Ready Player One archive. We would like to offer you this historical subject for free. But due to time code restrictions by law we have to wait for free publishing 100 years and 25 hours. The show ended at 2.35 PM PDT on 2013-09-20 so please come back in about 25 hours on 2113-09-21 2.35 PDT to get it for free 🙂

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