Contributor [Creator]: Iron Man

Anything is Possible
“In 1978, U.S. Naval Commander John Collins and his wife Judy issued a challenge. They proposed combining Oahu’s 2.4 mile swim race, 112 mile bike race, and 26.2 mile marathon. On February 18, 1978 fifteen competitors, including Collins, traveled to Waikiki to take on the first-ever IRONMAN challenge. Swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, run 26.2 miles – BRAG FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. ” John Collins

Several builders took the challenge to build an Avatar to make the dream of being an IRON MAN possible. I placed all the components one has to wear to “become one” on a lorry upside down in the rollercoaster of the Volcano of Art and fixed them with some needles. The creation is made only of prims, as a true IRON MAN has to be. For a seminar at school it can be a nice job to build a robot this way when kids are in a “I want to make a Robot” mood.


I dont know who shall be credited for this version of the IRON MAN I have in opensim. A very good IRON MAN is made by Thommy Shade and offered in Marketplace of SL.


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