Contributor [Creator]: The Machine …

‘The Machine’, made by Lilia Artis and Moe Sandalwood, is featured in The Artefact: Back Dive into the Depth [page 23ff]. Also the hull is presented by Universe of Diversity in rez Magazine, April 2014 [page 2].

‘The Machine’ is more than a hull or a box or a big cube, it has ‘life’ inside. But this life cant be shown in Vulcanicus as the technology inside ‘The Machine’ was made in mesh. So it might take a while until mesh becomes old and a new conservation cylce might be in the focus of a new team. I see the hull of ‘The Machine’ with the moving structures as a continuation of the beginning. The first interactive art machine was programmed by Herbert W. Franke on a Texas Instruments homecomputer in 1979 and called MONDRIAN. But I see ‘The Machine’ also as an Assimilator.

When you click on the plate the gladiator holds in hand the HWF MONDRIAN structure switches to the one of ‘The Machine’ [and back]. A continuation but also a step to new frontiers as well. Mesh is eating sculpts. The Volcano of Art conserves pieces of art made of sculpts. And the conservation is needed as sculpties vanish step by step, day by day. So ‘The Machine’ assimilates them just by offering new concepts. The name ‘The Assimilator’ was born. Also the gladitor reflects the energy needed for “panem and circenses” in the arena, the Colosseum. This points to the closure of The Artefact: still not known. [page 48ff].

The HWF MONDRIAN texture:


`The Machine hull’ texture:


I had many ideas to bring ‘The Machine’ to opensim – outside the Volcano of Art. Some of my ideas I want to share: I thought of makeing the greatest store ever or a huge art warehouse – spanning over one sim and 400 meter high. Inside I wanted to place the Ferrisquito collection of Bryn Oh in a special huge black box. I had plans of “integrating” the installation Roots and War by JadeYu Fhang – taking out some parts of the hull and deforming them – like the Borg do in Star Trek Voyager when they assimilate species with an advanced technology so to absorb them. All such crasy plans I had in my head …

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