Contributor [Creator]: AJ Wroth – Lemmon Avatar

I saw in a sandbox an Avatar, AJ Wroth, walking around. A lemmon with a knife in the head. It was not a piece of art I usually would select. I had to smile on it. I saw the knife and remembered a movie I once have seen: Knife in the head [1978], with Bruno Ganz, one of the greatest players ever. I asked AJ Wroth: “Have you made it?” And AJ Wroth said: “yes”. And I asked “May I get it for my museum?” – “Sure” was the answer. Then I again, “but I need if full perm” …

I had already forgotten about the Avatar as suddenly I got an object named “Lemoso Avatar” [Accept, Decline, Mute]. I asked “what is this?”

… Yeah it is the Lemmon Avatar!

This is the creator´s statement:

Why a lemon Avatar? I was bored 🙂

I always wanted to try building an avatar and have experience making scripts, creating flying vehicles, but somehow avatars were a mystery to me with all of the attach points and stuff.

After hitting a creative wall in building, I decided to do a simple avatar, and after weeks of work we have “Mr. Lemoso” the lemon!

My inspiration was The Earl of Lemongrab from the cartoon Adventure Time.

The avatar is a simple sphere cut in half with some lemon textures slapped on, eyeballs, and a rather deformed shape I had to make and lemon textures applied as a skin. Over time accessories were added which are the glasses, fedora hat, and knife in his side which adds a nice effect to the lemon cut in half.

I added in a touch to play sound trigger in the body which plays a sample of lemons grab saying his catch phrase “Unacceptable!” I found that the avatar drew a lot of attention and people would touch the avatar triggering the sound, so since I was curious about who was touching me, i added in code for “avatar touched> send user name to owner” so that I can see who the curious toucher’s are 😉

If possible I want to give credit to those who helped with ideas, as well as creators of a few sculpty accessories i used. Thanks to Locksley Stratten. Beckye Burnstein, Chengs Kid, and Luna Enigma for all you ideas that helped transforming the avatar into what it is today.

Sculpty creators: Jamay Greene: Chiefs Knife; Enes Davies: *viscon* Sculpties Nerd Glasses + UV Map; Fedor McNally: +Sculptasaur+ Journalism Fedora

Thank you AJ Wroth for this nice donation and that you worked out the rights of use as mentioned.


You find Lemoso at the entrance of the Volcano of Art waiting to leave the cage. Release me! Wear me! Lemoso comes with a little Volcano as a head piece!


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