Create the Presenter

Imagine you are visiting a volcano waiting for an eruption. Imagine even you sit on the Top of the ‘Volcano of Art’. Exactly this is what ‘Create the Presenter’ means. An avatar – let´s call this avatar ‘vulcanicus’ – sits and holds art and tools in hand to present them to visitors. See with your own eyes that this concept is working. Then decide to take the challenge 🙂

The 1st prize is that your work will be presented in a printed art book about the Volcano of Art in 2014 and you get a full sim to work on your contribution for the 1st virtual biennial in 2015.


What you need will be provided full perm. The competition happens in SL and opensim [first[art]grid linked via hypergate bridge to Metropolis]

Here some lines to explain it in detail:

It is important that you see ‘the presenter’ working before you start to work on your contribution. Many aspects in ‘how to use the technology proper’ have been worked out for a demonstration. So you can work smoothly towards the goal: to get the 1st prize [The 2nd and 3rd prize is an invitation to contribute to a group owned sim for the 1st virtual biennial].

What you will see in the demonstration:

Avatars [players, visitors, artists] sit on a bench and play a piano. The piano itself is attached to the presenter. By pressing the keyboard of the piano commands are sent to ‘tools’ the presenter holds as attachment. The tool addressed by this command will do what programmed. For example to make a cloud or to generate a particle effect. The idea is that a symphony is played when ‘Art is burned to cubes’. The notes for the symphony will scroll along and the players will press the keys to let the symphony happen in visual and sound.

This is the symphony that will be played in the demonstration, called ‘Dora G’, as Dora Gustafson has provided an important script for the sitting of the players and the presenter.

Each time a new artwork is on the vessel it has to be ‘sucked in’ by a bubble-effect that comes out of the hypergate and ‘eats the art’  Then the volcano has ‘meat’ to burn and out of it will come ‘code’ and ‘cubes’. The corresponding ‘note’ is the hypergate symbol that will shout the text  ‘ART’. So when the hypergate symbol comes in the symphony you have to ‘exchange’ the artwork on the vessel [hold by the ‘Philip Linden Noob’] and ‘suck it in’. Then the player(s) will play the next note. Maybe it is the ‘OR’ symbol so the volcano will erupt boolean ‘OR’.

The vessel and the noob you get full perm of course. Unlink it and do as you like. The goal is to create a great hypergate [hold as an attachment by the presenter] and a method to exchange ‘content’ [=artwork, sculptures] on the vessel. So when the button ‘ART’ [hypergate] is pressed on the piano a change in the vessel happens. Let´s have an example to make it clear: when ‘the box with the beetle of Bryn Oh’ is on the vessel and the hypergate button is played then the beetle gets eaten by a ‘bubble sucking in effect’. Then the vessel stays empty for 5 seconds. Then the vessel is loaded with ‘some loose screws by Fiona Blaylock’ waiting there for another round of burning Art to Cubes. …

It is very very simple to understand when you see it. Then you can do as you like as just the idea: ‘Burning Art to Cubes by a symphony’ is the mission. You get full perm ‘The Volcano’ [big 40 meter and small 10 meter], the piano, the scripts, demo sounds … in short: the demo-installation full perm.

The actual demo-piano you get has 25 prims, offering 8 keys [prims] to play. As the piano is an attachment of the presenter you may ‘slice’ the keyboard up to as many keys you like, but be aware the players need to click them right. So no more then maybe 20 keys for 10 players or 24 keys for 8 players [right, middle, left]. In our experimental design we found a very easy way to change the ‘artwork’ on the vessel by change the visibiltiy on it. This means all the artwork is kept on the vessel ‘invisible’ as an active attachment and only ‘one’ [the one to suck] is set visible. This reduces the number of art that can be sucked in as the attachment points are limited. But as we want to create a symphony for one artwork that is eaten by the volcano this concept is very fine …. and even you can extend easy to different artworks and have no need to re-arrange things.

The position of the presenter is optimised. Many hours of testing. But you are free to change. Give the presenter some nice flying vessel … let your creativity flow. Add some environment … use the attachment points.

One last detail: the installation to rezz you get has 15 prims [we call it the ‘baseplate’]. Another 16 prims are needed for the Mondrain art machine that will be placed in the Volcano. You have nothing to do with it, just know the machine produces cubes with no transparency. Dont generate cubes in the installation to produce an ‘eruption’ in the volcano as it makes no sense to have it twice, just use particles.´You may keep some [2-4] spare ‘buttons’ on the keyboard for the Mondrain machine. When you see the Mondrian machine  [you get it also full perm] you may decide how to integrate it. In case you have problems in understanding the Mondrian machine, just let it work as it is. The contest is not about to understand the scripting of this machine. The total prim limit is 42 prims to rezz as maximum.

Feel free to ask here in comments. We will moderate it nicely. You will not look stupid by asking stupid. Everyone is welcomed to try. Artists and scripters. You can also work as a team, just everything you enter has to be full perm when you get a price. Test it in opensim as well. We provide sandboxes, regions and high performance servers. They are as fast, sometimes even faster, as SL and there is not the 42 prim limit, but the concept ‘using a presenter to hold prims’ and the goal stays the same to get a real ‘DUAL WORLD’.

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