Creator: Aley Resident


Who does not know Jules Verne and his Voyages Extraordinaires? Who does not know H.G. Wells ‘The Time Machine’? Some might even have seen the very first film ‘The Time Machine’ [1960] by Georg Pal. You do for sure dream of using the ‘time machine’ – else you would be not here at this page. So lets enjoy a few lines of the plot [copied from Wikipedia]:

“On January 5, 1900, four friends arrive for a dinner at a house located near London, but their host, H. George Wells, is absent. As requested, they begin without him, but then George staggers in, exhausted and disheveled. He begins to recount his adventures since they last met on New Year’s Eve, 1899.

A week earlier, George discusses time as “the fourth dimension” with friends, among them David Filby and Dr. Philip Hillyer. He shows them a tiny machine that he claims can travel in time, stating that a larger version can carry a man “into the past or the future”. When activated, the device blurs and disappears. Most of his friends dismiss it as a trick, but after the others have gone, Filby warns George to destroy the machine. They agree to meet again next Friday with the others. …”

You dont need to wait until next Friday. Login to The Volcano of Art and turn the time back to see prim-sculpted art that was made years ago. A technology that has been invented by Philip Rosedale. Or move the time control panel forward and get the story of ‘The Artefact‘.

To make ‘The Artefact’ happen it needs some steps. One is ‘to give me your hand’ – watch out Philip Rosedale´s new company ‘High Fidelity‘:

But what about the maker of the machine you see in the photo on top of this page I talked about? For quite a long time the maker was ‘unknown’. I got the time machine from somebody I was bothering for a different ‘version’ of a machine he has built. It looked like suited for a travel to some worlds created by Gene Roddenberry and would give you some ‘cyberphoria‘ experiences – but finally I didn´t get a copy from the creator. I can say now, the cyberphoria version would have been in comparison to what I have now in the Volcano of Art ‘unsuited’ – means not authentic to the good old story I mention above and love. The person I bothered said as he gave me the historic version he found in his inventory ‘to get rid of me’: “Dont ask me. I just got it long ago. I dont know anything about it. It has been a freebee for quite a while, given full perm to anyone interested”.

I inspected the machine to get the creators of the linked prims listed and found quite a few. I did a posting in groups if anyone knows the ‘true creator’. Finally I got it: Aley Resident! This person claims in his/her profile to be 72 years old. Believe it or not. You have the chance to sit in this machine. This page is to credit the maker Aley Resident! Thank you for giving it to everyone interested in time travel.

And here you see it by Aley´s words some time ago as I openend my first museum of Digital Art:

[0:20] Art Blue: I have the time machine for long, got it from a stranger and use it now as a fine building example in some projects:
[0:20] Art Blue: thank you for another fresh copy
[0:23] Aley Resident: oh yah, full perm and i expect everything to be modded to hec an back
[0:23] Aley Resident: infact thats why it’s all full perm, i love to see what people come up with 🙂
[0:24] Art Blue: great to know. I do some research, in case you want to know:
[0:25] Art Blue: so I have your time machine in an open art sim: ‘my prim museum’ and wanted to name the maker correct

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