Creator: AM Radio


It would be a shame not to show a work made by AM Radio in ‘The Volcano of Art’. So I added some of the very well known parts he made in the years he worked on IBM and Ball State University SIMs [2007-2011]. I was insulted by an ‘art curator’: ‘You have no full-perm items from him. I will inform him and … ‘. It was really an ugly talk. I thought what the heck is going on? AM Radio himself set these items under a ‘free-non-commercial-use‘. A builder made an OAR and uploaded it the way AM Radio said.  Many copied the items and handed it out to others out of joy, saying ‘its from AM Radio’. I was really pissed off. Some persons cant step over their own jealousy. I just like to share what I have. Its all for you dear visitor to see and look … and in some years to look back again. So AM Radio is here, at least some pieces like the mindmill from ‘Quiet and Fare Away’ and the famous radio sending messages to all over the world. And yes: it is sending codes to the Volcano as well. I placed an ancient notepad on the table where you can ‘control’ the Volcano ash ball generator:  switch it ‘on’ and ‘off’.


NOTE: you checked the link and it did not work? Sadly, the website “Opensim Creations” is no longer. Yeah, that is WHY Digital Art needs conservation. So I crawled back in the Internet Archive and here it is, that I tell the truth:

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