Creator: Art Blue

Art Blue is the artist name of  ‘Ervare‘ – stands in Africaans for ´the one knowing´ [Ervare is coded from the name Reiner by a ROT-13 transformation]. ‘Ervare’ is an Avatar and world creator [worldartificer]. Therefore some ‘ident units’ have been created over time in SL and different realms. Art Blue is the most known one, but not the oldest. Each Avatar has a different design. Some are for research, some for art, for museal purposes, some for technology or for testing, some just made for a one-time seminar. Avatars for kids, art teachers, managers, students, role players or politicians … might look totally different.


For ‘pure’ presentation purposes and for  ‘technology critics’ Ervare has devoloped ‘the Eye’ as presentation concept offering a ‘genderless’ Avatar. This concept has become a key concept for ‘user data protection’ in Avatar registration. Many people dont like to fill out registration forms just for a test, to qualify themselfes via an e-mail, to read and accept the ‘TOS’ of the system knowing there might be tons of SPAM coming up later on.

‘The Volcano of Art’ can be visited using ‘The Rotating Eye’ visitor concept. The design of  ‘The Eye’ comes from Nanjido Oh. A very easy way to visit ‘vulcanicus’ is also via grid Metropolis and to hyperjump to a copy of the Volcano of Art – SIM name vulcanicus.

First time ‘The Eye’ concept was used to visualize options on planning a highway through ‘agra park‘ [a cultural heritage located south of Leipzig / Germany]. This 3d world spans over 4 sims [Feel free to ask Art Blue in SL for assitance as the text comes in German language].

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