Contributor [Creator]: Attard Magic aka David Cassar

You need to take the tag ‘Attard Magic’ from the tag-giver and wear the tag to see the artwork of Attard that was selected for the Volcano of Art. The tag-giver you find in a photo on page ‘Nicci Lane‘ – the rotating globe with five tags: Attard, BirkirkaraFontana, MdinaMosta.


David Cassar: B.Ed (Hons) Art & Religious Studies [Assigned Avatar name in SL (2008/9): Attard Magic]

Hobbies: My hobbies include socializing, music, art and soccer.

“I consider ‘Second Life’ to be an innovative concept and its utilization as an educational tool can be a valuable asset for teachers and students in the foreseeable future. One of its obvious advantages is that students can enter a virtual world to experience art at first hand and in a totally new approach. Through ‘Second Life’ students will also develop their skills in a fast developing technological world, skills which will be increasingly needed in the future. “

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