Contributor [Creator]: Birkirkara Magic aka Sarah Meli

You need to take the tag ‘Birkirkara Magic’ from the tag-giver and wear the tag to see the artwork of Birkirkara that was selected for the Volcano of Art. The tag-giver you find in a photo on page ‘Nicci Lane‘ – the rotating globe with five tags: Attard, Birkirkara, Fontana, Mdina, Mosta.


Sarah Meli got assigned Birkirkara Magic ‘Birki’  as the Avatar name for the seminar ‘I in 3D‘  (2008/9).

Sarah Meli studied Art and English in Education at the University of Malta.

“I have been studying visual art in school since I was fourteen, but it’s during my university years that I have really grown more passionate about art, partly because before, I used to look at art as just a scholastic subject which I had happened to enjoy studying more than the other subjects. However, during my university years, so far, art has become more than just a subject I opted to study. I think I have come to really realise this when working on this particular project. This is because, I sketched and worked on images which show more of what I feel, and want to express rather than the themes I favour most. By trying to allow myself to create images which are more personal, the result seems to contain more meaning than my previous art work, and somewhat hide certain thoughts which might be clear to the viewer if an image is ‘read’ rather than just looked at. Thus this project has been one of the most challenging, yet exciting project to work on.”


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