Creator: Bonafidenutts Aries


Bonafide Aries  [In SL known just as ‘Bona’ or Bonafidenutts Aries] is a digital painter. Many claim to be one, but Bonafide is. His work, called ‘Some Days You Play The Sax.’, was published in an calendar by ‘Stiftung Kunstinformatik‘ [Progammed Art Foundation]  in 2012. I asked Bonafide to say some words on it. Here they are:

“The creation of “Some Days You Play The Sax.” is somewhat typical of my process. I begin with a notion or intent and create the first form freehand in a program called art-rage studio.

With a fairly generic digital pad and pen, art rage renders a realistic brush stroke to a digital canvas surface. I develop a foreground and background to my work. Often I begin by blending both subject and background on the same graphic layer, but it works out so much better and I have so much more control over the work if I work the elements in separate layers … Each element is kept as a layer and exported as a separate image file. I then continue in Gimp, a free graphics program much like Photoshop. Through gimp I can distort my the layered images, control there color, tone enhance the shadowing to deliver a more authentic surface in a purely digital image. One thing I have learned is that neither Photoshop nor gimp do things exactly the same, and sometimes asking to emboss or force the illusion of depth on a surface can be made more interesting by using the same feature in both packages on the same work. This is how I managed the rough unique texture on “Some Days…” an effect that I think brings home the feel of the work. My final editing is all done in gimp. this is where I add the final adjustments for overall hue and contrast, where my digital signature is added and my mat border is added if deemed necessary.

Thank you for allowing me to share my work Art.
Bonafide Aries”


Visit the ‘Volcano of Art’ to see this picture in an virtal environment. In case you use your camera very smart you might be able to make a nice screenshot. [not for resale. artwork is property of the foundation. IP rights are on the artist]

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