Creator: Bryn Oh


Everyone in the art community of ‘Second Life’ knows the work of Bryn Oh. Unluckily I had never spoken to her in person before I started the project ‘The Volcano of Art’.

When you ‘Google’ on ‘Bryn Oh’ you get more than 50.000 hits, all related on art in ‘virtual worlds’. The blog of Bryn Oh is a good choice to start to explore her work:

I asked Bryn Oh if she would be so kind to donate a piece of her prim art. Not to become famous or whatever. She does not need any support by my ‘little Volcano time capsule’. At the end of the day we had a talk about the changes over time in digital art, the ways fine art creations get lost in virtual worlds. I copy a part out of it as it shows a little of Bryn Oh the way I met her. Thank you Bryn Oh!

About the donation  ‘The Beetle in a box’:

[12:37] Art Blue: what way you like the most to present your beetle?
[12:37] Bryn Oh: i like the idea in a box. Think that would look nice
[12:39] Bryn Oh: if you like you can link to one of my machinima too. If they click it
[12:39] Bryn Oh: much of my work is more narrative than a single object or sculpture
[12:40] Art Blue: i do it via the website link so everyone can read about you and decide what video to see
[12:41] Bryn Oh: sounds great art 🙂

About the ‘Volcano of Art’:

[12:45] Bryn Oh: … a project that will come from your perspective
[12:45] Bryn Oh: your choice of works will create how people see the past
[12:47] Art Blue: thats true. Not many when they are young see the value of what they create here. They will see in 20 years (in case it is not lost)
[12:49] Bryn Oh: it is remarkable really. From the early muds and moos [MUDs. MOOs], to lambdamoos and now second life
[12:49] Bryn Oh: a long transition to what we have now
[12:50] Bryn Oh: and who knows what will be next


You see on the first picture that a frame is placed in the middle of the lorry car to ‘hide’ the box from the eyes of visitors coming from the ‘other side’. The box with Bryn Oh´s beetle inside is now open only for your eyes. To explore the secret side you have to move to the other side: you have to visit ‘The Volcano of Art’. There you will find another page related to this lorry car. There you get the key to open the box and a chance to look inside. Maybe when you are nice the beetle will spread its wings for you? The name of the page is  [but dont tell this secret to others]

Did I say standby? Yes I did. There might come the time to open a new chapter in the Volcano of Art. The name of the chapter: Ferrisquito

The lifter is already in place …


In 2014 “The Beetle in a box” had to postpone summer holidays. The Beetle was invited  to tarvel to Santorini to join the grand opening of Santorini Biennale [on July, 5th at Aressana venue]. The Beetle is part of  “Discover the Secrets” in DREAMT FOREST [open until October 5th, 2014]. Then “The Beetle in a box” will travel back to VULCANICUS.

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