Creator: CapCat Ragu

Some artists have a mission to encourage others to make things out of a dream happen. CapCat Ragu and Meilo Minotaur are two of them. Both working as a team are the creators of Meta Body. Out of this project the finest artistic avatars have been developed. Avatars that creators made for Meta Body I and II are free to be used by everyone. In the ‘Volcano of Art’ you find ‘The Lady in Black’ by Fuschia Nigthfire and ‘The Steam boy’ by Ggabriel Madruga. Both part of Meta Body II.


This picture shows ‘Lady in Black’ by Fuschia Nightfire [left], ‘Steam Boy’ by Ggabriel Madruga [right]. But where is ‘the daughter of The Empress’? [made by Mimesis Monday]. Even ‘The Eye‘ does not know.

Some words about CapCat Ragu, copied from her homepage

“CapCat Ragu is Catarina Carneiro de Sousa’s avatar, a portuguese artist, with a background in Painting and Art Studies. She has devoted her artistic activity to the Metaverse since 2008, working individually and collaboratively in the Second Life virtual environment, holding several solo exhibitions and collaborating with artists from different fields and nationalities. She has dedicated herself to virtual photography, the development of avatars and the conception of virtual environments. Together with Meilo Minotaur aka Sameiro Oliveira Martins she is the builder of the Second Life Sim Delicatessen. She is also an assistant professor at Escola Superior de Educação do Instituto Politécnico de Viseu since 2007. “

To credit her work I selected ‘Kromosmer’, published in: Dahlsveen, H.  &  Sousa, C. C. (2012), Kromosomer, an experience in shared creative work and expression. In Morgado, Leonel et al (Eds.). “Proceedings of the SLACTIONS 2012 research conference on virtual worlds:November 15-17, 2012”, ISBN 978-989-704-102-0, pp. 88 – 90. Vila Real: UTAD.


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