Creator: ChapTer Kronfeld

I met ChapTer Kronfeld in opensim [grid Metropolis] by chance as the ‘Volcano of Art’ was just complete. He told me he is also in SL and he just opened an exhibition there, so I went to SL to have a look.

I knew instantly as I saw the ‘7 sins installation’ of ChapTer that I must get ‘The Pride’ for the Volcano and create something special to present it. Maybe in time a place where all the 7 sins could be performed in a play to gain an audience.


But first ‘why this sin?’

About 20 years ago I was invited to work on a digital art calender for the German highspeed railway ICE. I made a dozen of drafts in my ‘Computer Minimal Art‘ style and one was selected and printed. WOW was I proud: a programming artist with his mission of minimalism made it in a calender competiton of Deutsche Bahn [German National Railway]. But not the one I liked the most I named ‘Dante´s Läuterungspyramide’ [Dantes pyramid]. Of course not! –  as to be proud of German technology was the mission in the 90th and the competition with TGV France was on the agenda. Everyone in Germany remembers well that there was a big crash with one of the ICE caused on bad maintenance years later. To be proud is good, very good, but to reflect on these feelings is needed as well.


Back to the Volcano of Art: Luckily I got the installation ‘The Pride’ as nothing fits better for an artist and the art community. Are we not all addicted and proud of our doing in art? But then the problem ‘where to place it’? The Volcano of Art is a time-capsule, a conservation of ‘the reality we create’, but a ‘sin’ is a different thing, outside this reality.

I want to let the visual experience happen like an intruder from outside the world. So I decided that the work of ChapTer has to be placed at the border of the sim and spectators have to sit nearly ‘out-of-sim’. The sinner has to pass the clearing of mind to be accepted and to get a passage to the world of art in the Volcano: ‘we are one and equal there’. No artist is higher as the next. All art comes on a lorry to get burned to cubes. So the sinner of ChapTer has to wait and to turn in a circle around and around to get rid of the inner pride. The spectators have to see if he works as hard as needed to make the words of Dante happen: “Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate!” [Lasst, die ihr eintretet, alle Hoffnung fahren.  ~enter and let all the hope behind~]


It took me two month to find a way I like. On December, 2nd, 2013 I met a friend in Second Life, Venus Rosen. She wanted to bring her self-made ‘Roman theatre’ to Metropolis and asked me for help. After some exchange of words I suggested that she may see the work of Excess Lemmon in this field of architecture and finally we met Excess in a sandbox. I dont know what Venus realy thought, but for sure she forgot to breath as buildings of Excess Lemmon [Exy] are outstanding in design and quality. I got her ‘Old rotten Amphitheatre’ and placed the work of ChapTer Kronfeld in the middle. Thank you Exy, thank you ChapTer!

Here you find the blog of ChapTer Kronfeld: [in German language].

This is the ‘work in progress’ box where the installation ‘The Pride’ of ChapTer Kronfeld had to wait for two month until I found a way to let the sinner rest on 2nd of December 2013:

chapter_02  chapter_01

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