Creator: Cherry Manga

Years ago, maybe it was in 2008, I got from Cherry Manga on a visit of my gallery a nice searose with one of her – later known as ‘mysterious wave’ – hummingbirds for ‘conservation’. She introduced it as her first try in makeing sculpties. What a great understatement! This searose was drifting for long at the Water Gallery in my SIM Claressa as I had so many prims for a museum there to build. The searose with the mysterious bird was an eye-catcher. Students asked me ‘how to build and texture it’. I must admit I still have no clue. For the seminar ‘I in 3D‘ at the University of Malta I used a copy of this enviroment in 2008 and 2009. The success of the seminar made me think to get Second Life running on an offline-server like IBM did work on it at theses times. I was lucky to meet Jean Linden in Karlsruhe at the 1st Metaverse conference to discuss how to extend the use of Second Life in the academic sector. How to seperate educational work from the ‘rest’ in SL. She was enthusiastic about it. One year later Jean was no longer in charge and later on even the teen grid was closed.  So I had to see by myself how to go on and I moved to opengrids. I would have loved to bring the ‘mysterious searose with the hummingbird’ as it guided me for so long to the Volcano of Art, but I dont have it full perm.

I got ‘instead’ a chess board from Cherry Manga. Maybe I have to win first a chess game to get the searose with the bird? Who knows – I will not bother her. Thank you Cherry for giving me this piece made of prims and sculpts as it carries a message to all visitors: ‘play the game right’.


You see the chess game fits well to be placed on a lorry to get burned to cubes. And it looks great when the sun goes down. So hurry to play chess with the board of Cherry Manga before the hypergate eats it up!


3 thoughts on “Creator: Cherry Manga

    • now I have the hummingbird Cherry Manga made in 2011, named ‘Attraction’. It found its home at the landing point in the Volcano of Art. Thank you Cherry and much success and a great time in Francogrid! [Francogrid is an opensim grid where the prefered language is French]

      • and most important: I got the cloud guide, which will be mentioned in my booklet “Download”:

        Cherry Manga

        Cherry Manga donated “The chess” to the Volcano of Art. I was lucky to get this piece very early as I still worked on the idea. Other artists said as I asked them to get this or that piece they made: “sure, when Cherry gave you, then it must be a serious attempt. I will give you a piece, just tell me what you have in mind.”.

        Cherry Manga has become a promoters of opengrids. She has her home at Francogrid, the leading plattform for French speaking people. Her installations there are stunning and for some the best ever made. You find her new works she makes mostly in mesh and old ones made in prims and sculpts. In an opengrid is in fact no limit in prims. In a way Cherry Manga created her own Volcano of Art reaching back to her rez date, January, 27, 2007.

        I thought about an update of my blog entry as I made this booklet, but finally decided to keep it the way it looked when I finished VULCANICUS. My wish to get the “humingbird” is still in my mind, but – and I have to underline – I am very happy as things are now.

        Cherry brought the “Cloud guide” with her as she joined the grand opening of JadeYu Fhang´s Roots & War in Metropolis grid. This very special piece of art became a place to welcome visitors to the Volcano of Art. I will not call it a “landing point” as this sounds so ordinary, but technically it looks like one.

        You may not miss “The cloud guide” when you look out from the “Meeting point of the Generations” at RIFT HORIZON and decide to travel to “north” where the VULCANICUS server is running to take you over.

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