Creator: Cold Frog

Cold Frog made a headpiece I liked. She offered it for the art community to use freely. Such a generosity has to be noticed. First I gave it to the sandbox where kids can play with it.



Second I placed it on the first seat in the volcano on a head. In case Cold Frog has embedded some intelligence in it she might see all the shows in the Volcano as good as no other person can.


Headpieces are often called a part of extended hair. Hairdesign is one of the most complicated and time consuming things in creation. Some hair can be built up of a huge number of prims. Well done Cold Frog.

One thought on “Creator: Cold Frog

  1. I decided to add the “correction” as a reply to the posting as this shows the best way how I got it:

    [2014/06/15 01:58] Art Blue: Hello Cold. I was just talking with Quan about hats. I have the information (it is about 1-2 years old from CapCat) that you made this headpiece. Correct?
    [2014/06/15 01:59] User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
    [05:13] cold Frog: (Saved Sun 15 Jun 2014 13:33:37) hey! no thats not completly correct, i only recycled parts from meta body part 1, the hat was for project meta body part 2
    [05:13] cold Frog:
    [05:16] Art Blue: Hello Cold. I know capcat and meilo good. do you know from whom you “took” the parts for the creation you made?
    [13:56] cold Frog: (Saved Sun 15 Jun 2014 22:50:12) all parts are from meilo or capcat
    [14:01] cold Frog: i joined that project coz i like to work with their stuff they offer
    [14:02] cold Frog:

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