Creator: Creative Starfall

As I set up the concept of the ‘Volcano of Art’ I decided not to focus on ‘shape and skin’ of Avatars. I wanted to avoid questions like: ‘You look nice. Do you have a partner’. Some visitors of opengrid worlds might not know of Second Life as a realm where you really dont know is the person behind the sexy, nice looking Avatar with the charming behaviour the best AO can offer ‘adult, female, male’. So I decided that visitors of the Volcano of Art come ‘as an eye’ to enjoy the art that was collected and that there is no risk to get in trouble for me. The idea of an ‘EYE-Avatar‘ was born and set in place. In the Volcano of Art  I use ‘The Eye’ as a default visitor – made by Nanjido Oh. However you may come via hypergrid technology – I suggest Metropolis for this – and you will look like a regular – more or less fresh born – Avatar. Then legal requirements are not on me to handle. It stays as a task of the administration where you created the Avatar. Normally if there is no event you will be alone in the Volcano of Art. Feel free to ask for a tour in advance: you dont need to stroll alone around. IM First Prim in Metropolis for a tour or ask Art Blue or Ervare in SL before you go.

Why I selected finally Creative Starfall? I said that I dont care on collecting great skins for the Volcano of Art. I have more than 100 of the very best templates on my harddisk. Some have been exclusivly made for my ‘art recognition by Avatars’ project in 2010. So what are the reasons to bring this ugly photo on display here? Beware you will not meet this guy in the Volcano of Art!


There are some reasons but I want to mention only one, the personal point of view, as Bryn Oh commented.

Does not everyone want to see ‘how would I look in virtual wolds ‘for real’? Maybe a little tuning, but ‘thats me’ to say might be of great personal interest. Some write it in their profile: “My avatar is just another way of looking at me. Its still ME. Yes, my avatar looks like me.”

Creative Starfall made me a ‘real Avatar’ based on a photo I sent him. I had a ‘real Avatar’ made in 2007 and used shape and skin as ‘Minimal Blue’ for performances ‘real to virtual’. It was many hours of hard work. So I wanted to see a few years later what´s going on in this field. And Creative Starfall said: you pay only when you like the result. I was shocked as I got the template. But later as I compared it with the results for other persons he was showing me: indeed very realistic. If the photo is good and the shape fits, the result will be also not bad at all.

What I want to show in the Volcano of Art is looking back, a contrast and a developement, a link to the future. There are many pages here to explore. Maybe you want to start with the ‘Time Machine‘.

I shoud have selected 1000 Avatars some might say for such a theme. My friend Gracie Kendal aka Kristine Schomaker deserves indeed a link and a picture. In 2035 you might get a copy of her book, even signed by Gracie. I have quite a few of them stored as gifts as many of the Avatars printed in it I know very well 🙂



I could have as well selected BEUS me, but this would be self advertisement 🙂


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