Creator: Daco Monday

For ‘The ‘Volcano of Art’ I was looking for a bottle drifting in the water. A  ‘message in a bottle’ has to be sent from the project to all worlds. One has to find the bottle in the water that surrounds the Volcano.

I love texts and songs that remind me on message that have just to be openend like a bottle. You may listen to some of them when you search for the bottle 🙂

Call the ships to port by Covenant: A second of reflection; Can take you to the moon; The slightest hesitation; Can bring you down in flames; A choir full of longing; Will call our ships to port; The countless lonely voices; Like whispers in the dark; A single spark of passion; Can change a man forever; A moment in a lifetime; Is all it takes to break him: ‘a bottle drifting in the water’

Tonight we light the fires; We call our ships to port; Tonight we walk on water; And tomorrow we’ll be gone,

The message  out of the bottle then has to be transmitted. Thats the radio made by AM Radio for. Find it at the landing point on the ‘Volcano of Art’- Listen to the song:

Radio by VNV Nations: Words will never say enough

They are just born of hope that someone will even listen
In this solitude of hearts
In the traces that echo through the ether

Tied to meanings, bound to fate
Reassured by sounds that echo across the airwaves
Tuning through the waves
Of faint and distant signals, hoping someone’s there

Read more: Vnv Nation – Radio Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Broadcasting live around the world; On the air in every land, on every frequency; Across the surface of the earth; To the furthest reach, this is our live transmission; To all the people of the world; Unrelenting, for all who are receiving us; From every station on the earth; Loud and clear, this is our live transmission

Read more: Vnv Nation – Radio Lyrics | MetroLyrics

[2013/08/15 10:36] Ervare Resident: You gave me the bottiglia naufagra which fits perfect for the water around the Volcano of Art
[2013/08/15 10:37] Daco Monday: good )



The little piece of paper inside the bottle shows the sculpty that Daco Monday made and set inside his bottle just “as a drawing”. Daco did not give me his bottle in the form I need for opensim, but doesn´t the message count? [2013/08/15 10:37] Daco Monday: good )

Daco is Italian and the translator did not work so well, so I have the right to show the bottle – but the fine made content got lost. Fits perfect as it is … the bottle stays, drifting in the open water — the message gets rotten in time.

[glass texture of the bottle by Nicci Lane, “once hacked” by ivrai]


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