Creator: Feathers Boa


What a surprise for me. And what a joy for ‘lil robot’. Yesterday [9. August 2013] Feathers Boa came online in SL. I could report to her, that her ‘lil robot’ is working hard in the ‘Volcano of Art’. She liked that he is doing well. Of course I asked her if she will come back. Her answer was not to the full liking of ‘lil robot’, but he hopes as so many do. Take care Feathers.

You find the story of ‘lil robot’ in my y2100 notations as Feathers left SL in April, 2011. Read there so you are prepared to meet ‘lil robot’ in the Volcano. He might ask you about your contribution to the world of art. The flag ’42’ is my credit to Feather´s donation as my project to conserve prim sculpted art was in an early stage. Maybe you wonder why ‘lil robot’ is carrying some balls in as basket. Hmmmm … maybe he brings some spare balls from ‘the restaurant at the end of the universe’ … so the Volcano of Art never runs out of prims 🙂


In 2014 Lil Angry Robot had to postpone his summer holidays. He was invited  to tarvel to Santorini to join the grand opening of Santorini Biennale [on July, 5th at Aressana venue]. At the main venue of Santorini Biennale in Messaria he helps to safe the forest in Greece by planting 1,668 treets in the DREAMT FOREST [open until October 5th, 2014]. Then Lil Robot will travel back to VULCANICUS.

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