Creator: Fiona Blaylock

Fiona Blaylock is one of my favorite artists in ‘3D-intermedia’. Her works carry music and animation. Luckily she gave me a few pieces of her works as she run her own gallery until January 2012 in SL. I am not sure if Fiona is any longer active in virtual worlds. For sure she made a break as she told me she needs it. I never met her again or got a reply on IMs. I was told she is doing fine by her ‘sister’. But who knows in VR what ‘sister’ means. Maybe ‘Fiona’ keeps a sharp eye on what happens – just we don´t know the name of this ‘eye’  🙂

Read the story I published in 2012 here …. Then visit the Volcano of Art to see: ‘i know just how you feel’, ‘little jewels music box’, ‘music box/ fairytale’, ‘time flies!’, ’descent into matter’, and ‘some loose screws’.

Three of her works are just on the way to be eaten by the Volcano

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