Contributor [Creator]: Fontana Magic aka Ramona Debono

You need to take the tag ‘Fontana Magic’ from the tag-giver and wear the tag to see the artwork of Fontana that was selected for the Volcano of Art. In total you will find five tags to choose and wear one for the artists you want to see: AttardBirkirkara, Fontana, MdinaMosta. This technique is called ‘Take a Tag to Rezz’ – TAGREZ.


Ramona Debono got assigned Fontana Magic as her virtual representation in the seminar ‘I in 3D‘.


In 2009 Ramona Debono stated:

“I am currently in my third year studying Art education along with Italian in the University of Malta. I am always on the lookout for new inspirational things rather than sticking to the usual ideas. Apart from my passion towards visual Art I also like the Art embedded within music. I also like to play the piano whilst searching for unheard sounds and noises. I try not to go with the flow but like to fight against the winds of normality and set my own standards and views. Don’t let others do all the work … help yourself out. If you are reluctant to dirty your hand and getting a piece of the true action you’ll end up not seeing what the world really has to offer you. That is why I am enjoying this project, Second Life is a new concept for us. It is like living a normal life beyond what is truly tangible. Creating something digital and virtual is also a new technique for me which I am still exploring and willing to see and experience more of it!”

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