Creator: FreeWee Ling


I heard [in August 2013] that Glyph Graves is the grand prize winner in the recent UWA 3D Art competition. Glyph Graves is member of the artist group Coppelia. So I went to Coppelia and as I teleported in I saw a green robot in the middle of the sim relaxing. The robot pointed out that he was made by FreeWee Ling, one of the curators at UWA. I was happy to get so easy in touch with a member of the team. [UWA – University of Western Australia – is one of the main sponsors of digital art in Second Life. Always worth to visit and to look out for new projects at UWA sims.]

FreeWee Ling said: ‘This robot is not art, just a thing sitting here relaxing. You may have it. Soon we rebuild the sim and it will be gone.’ What to do when a lonely robot is looking for a home? I have chosen to give the robot a job in ‘The Volcano of Art’. He has to keep an eye on the kids playing in the playground.

Btw: dont miss to have a look at FreeWee Ling´s blog. I must admit I stole her script ‘kaleidoscope‘ to synchronise a particle emitter for a show at Sisi Biedermann´s gallery 🙂


Look out: The boy Klawoon might have stolen the glasses of the robot and made him drunk 🙂

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