Creator: Fuschia Nightfire

I saw the avatar ‘The Lady in Black’ Fuschia Nightfire aka Nina Camplin made and instantly I knew that I have to change my concept for the ‘Volcano of Art’. I had not planned to bring bodies into the Volcano that have great shape and perfect skin wearing a dress and shoes that are ‘outstanding’. I wanted that the eye of the visitor is not distracted by looking on other visitors and to avoid chats like ‘You look nice. Do you have a partner?’ As I said, ‘The Lady in Black’ is now part of the show. You may meet her in the ‘Volcano of Art’, indeed you can become a copy of her. Visitors be aware: there is no guarantee of the gender in virtual life. The Lady in Black is just outstanding art. Thank you Fuschia Nightfire for your donation.


But the story continues. Today [October 29, 2013] Fuschia came and worked on ‘an effect’ I want for presentations of a Volcano Miniature, so the project gets more known. The idea is to ‘suck in’ the piece of art that is actually on the lorry and presented to the eye of the ‘hypergate’ to be burned to cubes. I had in mind the well known bubble effect from ‘Stargate‘.

I am happy that I did not answer her question: ‘how you want it?’ as I think creativity has to run freely after one sees the sketch and understands the purpose. I said: ‘I will take what you have in mind’. She made a double counter-rotating sphere. I see in it ‘the planet of destruction’, named the Great Evil, from the movie The 5th Element. Watch the effect and maybe you will see the Release of the Devine Light when the Volcano is burning art to cubes. Fuschia your job is not done yet! *laughs*


Of course: job not done!

Some month later, or it might have been even nearly one year later, I had to expand VULCANICUS. So many contributions, some great works among them offered for the time capsule … and also very big ones. I tried to shrink them. Even “The Colloseum” [made by Exy Atreides] fits now into the Volcano of Art. But the “Body of Jesus” – based on Towing Jehovah (1994) by James K. Morrow – I did not shrink. What has this to do with Fuschia Nightfire? You have to visit RIFT HORIZON to see. Have a look into the cargo ship that tows the body to the final place that was prepared by the Vatican for conservation of the holy body.

In the Volcano of Art, as this is the center of the time capsule, I placed one of the models Fuschia gave me as master’s mate for the Feedback [voting and comment] system.



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