Creator: Gaianed Lindman

Gaianed Lindman [Gaianed Resident] known as ‘Gaianed Francisco di Cremona’ is the maker of fine pieces of furniture. Most of them fit to the time of Luis XVI. He builds castles and established ‘Mont Saint Bruno’, an old principality, founded in the 12th century by a monk named Bruno. The tales tells us, the holy graile of San Bruno must be there. You may visit MSB and feel the history in Second Life.

I invited Gaianed in 2010 to rebuild the castle he called ‘Castle Petrov’ in opensim. This became the ‘Museum of First Prim’ where fine digital art and some pieces of 3d art [sculpties] are collected. See how spledid it looks in a video in Youtube.

The castle was also choosen for the calendar ‘Mechanic Dreams‘ in 2011 by Space Net AG Munich. You may visit the land via the Metropolis grid.

For the Volcano of Art I have choosen to place a ‘lustre’ he made on a flying rock next to the passway to the upper entrance of the volcano infront and behind a mirror.


The picture shows the message of ‘a bridge’ that everyone can visit other worlds just by opening a door by ‘a click’. You may get teleported to other worlds via hypergrid networks.

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