Creator: Gem Preiz


The cathedral of fractals

As the three curators Gurgelwasser, Enwezor and Herzogenrath opened the box delivered today [Nov., 21, 2013] coming from Rift Horizon in a hurry whilst passing all controls and skipping homeland security, they all got shocked!

This never happened before in Simulacron-1 where the Volcano of Art is hosted. Over 9.000 inhabitants living as human beings, unaware that their world is just a simulation. All sized well and fed proper. And now this!

The box they opened carried the cathedral of fractals as expected, made by Gem Preiz. The UUID of him as creator was shown. So far it looked fine. A late arrival though and much too late, but this is not of relevance for curators. The payment department shall handle the fee. The measures outside have been scanned by Gurgelwasser and indeed the building was downsized 1 to 20. A perfect fit to burn the piece of art in the volcano to cubes. But what about the fractals? Are there any glitches or flaws? Enzewor insisted to open the box even it was already after office hours.

“Hurry to open the roof and inspect the cathedral from inside to see if the art of fractals is good enough to be presented to the public”, Herzogenrath said, as the door opening script did not work, then he continued: “… before the discussion never ends keeping me away from reading First Prim´s short story ‘The Artefact’”.

So it was Herzogenrath who experienced the first malfunction ever in the simulator. He shouted out and became pale inside his binary code, as the eye focus jumped forth and back: “there have been prayers in the cathedral before it was downsized! The simulator scaled them down as well! They are miniatures now!” Next moment Gurgelwasser looked over the edge into the box and commented in his usual emotionless coded way: “I see they are scaled 1 to 20, perfectly downsized; same way. The simulator worked precise.”

“…. But, but …”, Enwezor was stammering, “… they; they have rights”.


Cathedral, fractals, curators and miniatures by Gem Preiz.
Short story and concept of transfer by Art Blue [Ervare].
Transfer by Met Knelstrom.
Gurgelwasser, Enwezor and Herzogenrath are pure fictitious. Believe it or Google …

gp_05 gp_10 gp_06 gp_07

The Cathedral Dreamer was featured in rez Magazine, February 2014. You can get a copy of rezmagazine inworld for free [SL Marketplace]. In opensim grid Metropolis it is offered as a 1-prim book placed inside the Cathedral [main building].  Search in Metropolis for RIFT HORIZON — head to East. The region name might be South Horizon.

The installation of Gem Preiz has the size of one region. The garden you see in the opensim edition was made by Navah Dreams aka Liliana Papadopoulou. The Robot standing there serves as a greeter and protector of IP-rights [Creator Links: cL]. He holds the flags for France [Gem Preiz] and for Greece [Navah Dreams] in hand. The Robot was donated by Feathers Boa.


The Cathedral Dreamer will be shown at the 1st Virtual Biennial. The sim [region] names may vary.

 A CNN iReport was published on the grand opening. The report comes with a video by Gem Preiz. A must to see.

[update: sadly CNN stopped the service. Another reason why the conservation of digital art is so important]

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