Creator: Ggabriel Madruga

I did not get a chance to chat with Ggabriel Madruga on the ‘Volcano of Art’. The avatar he made is part of Meta Bodies II, an avatar design project organized and created by CapCat Ragu and Meilo Minotaur.


All the avatars out of Meta Bodies II are free to be used. A great artistic gift: to share and not to ask for a reward. The ‘Steam Boy’, as Ggabriel Madruga calls his creation, I added after I had decided to bring ‘The Lady in Black’ [made by Fuschia Nightfire] into the ‘Volcano of Art’. So ladies and gentlemen, feel free to enjoy the art that is housed in the Volcano by replacing your avatar by ‘The Steam Boy’ design. [I shall add that a visitor coming via a hypergrid like Metropolis might not get this avatar design running nicely as I dont know what viewer the visitor is using]

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