Creator: Ivrai Abramovic

Ivrai stands for the type of creators who feel no need to be mentioned when they build for others or help others. As I was young in SL I wanted to have a nice house built and it should be ‘my own’. I had money [Lindens] and met Ivrai as a highly recomended builder. After we agreed on the payment she asked me for ‘some prims’. I was wondering why she needs some prims from me, but I just made her a few … and days later more … and more. Finally she had a few hundred boxes created by ‘Minimal Blue’ – as this was one of my first Avatars in SL.  Later on I understood why she asked for prims and readers who are familiar with the policy of Linden Lab understand what a great honorable doing stands behind in doing so. For many years it was not important as ‘full perm’ prims have been treated as ‘full perm’ [copy, mod, trans] but now you need to be the original creator to be able to backup what you have ‘full perm’. This is not the page to discuss the recent changes of the TOS of Second Life that affects collaborate art creation and IP rights on artworks – if interested on this subject move to page C.A.L.L.  …

This is to credit persons like Ivrai as she does not want to be credited individually. She works for joy – her fun and the happiness of others. Thats why you dont find any artwork made by Ivrai in the Volcano of Art, just one texture: the ‘hacked’ glass of the sunken gallery and the story about it at the page of Nicci Lane who origninally made the glass texture.

But I have one hidden picture where you see the big eyes of Ivrai, truly showing that she created the group ‘NEVER SLEEP’. Ivrai is the maker of the globe with particles moving around. The screenshot was selected for the final round of the art calendar ‘I  SUPPORT’ in 2013. It was not choosen finally as the movements of particles dont look as great on printed paper as in a walkable environment. So the memory has to stay outside the Volcano of Art as so many other memories of all of us do. …


But dont worry on Ivrai. She told me she is setting up her own servers and worlds and will invite me for a visit! Hurray! I might offer her to join the virtual biennial project in 2015 and to connect her servers to the openprim worlds so you might get a chance to meet Ivrai and see her works 🙂

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