Creator: JadeYu Fhang

From the archive:

I got Wedding Mars and Wedding Venus for the VOLCANO OF ART. What to say? I might quote what I wrote in facebook:

On Sept. 17th 2013 a dream came true. ‘Wedding Mars’ and ‘Wedding Venus’ arrived at the VOLCANO OF ART. “I want 4034 +” says the creator JadeYu Fhang. I promised to work hard to place the pieces of art right. The calculation I made by the help of Nasa gave me a heart attack. Wedding Mars and Venus have to be placed “OUT OF SIM”. Luckily today asteroid 4034 was close to earth so you will see them from the top of the VOLCANO OF ART. I might add a long rope from the ship of Navah so they stay on track for the final burning of the art to cubes: ‘it all starts with a cube’. Thank you JadeYu Fhang …

Picture is full size at:

I moved Mars and Venus in the Volcano of Art. You have to visit the world to see the final setting. In this draft picture you see Mars and Venus approaching out of the distance the way the backup of the sim has been connected to Metropolis grid in October 2013.


And here much closer:


Enjoy also Wedding Venus in this video, made by Wizardoz Chrome


JadeYu Fhang extended her contribution by a full installation called Roots and War in RIFT HORIZON. There are many postings on this by different persons – so just Google on it. I add a picture so you may easily find it in grid Metropolis. Search for RIFT HORIZON and head South. Roots and War is mentioned in ‘The Artefact‘ on page 31.


When you have a little more time then this video, made by WizardOz Chrome is a good choice …


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