Creator: Leopard Adored


I wanted to have in my project one great animal avatar. No matter if this will be seen later as art or not. I collected quite a few animals for the Primexplorer project. A fox avatar, a dragon and the Little Gizmo. All fit great for kids aged 10 to 14. This type of animal avatars are quite simular to humans dressed for  a venetian carnival or joing a Mardi Gras parade. They act as biped and bring kids and, I must admit, teachers as well much fun. The Primexplorer project went to a great success. There is a booklet and a website on this.

Nevertheless a real great animal avatar has to come with special animations that fit to a quadruped. I got the very best ever made in prims and sculpts: the cheetah. I paid for it and the creator Leopard Adored allowed me to do with the cheetah whatever I want. You find the cheetah in Vulcanicus at the ruins not far from Cherry Manga´s cloud guide. Everyone can get a copy for personal use within VULCANICUS and RIFT HORIZON sims.


[3:43] Leopard Adored: i dont sell it anymore so i dont mind if you want to start re-selling it

[3:44] Question: shall I keep your name as the maker … known to everyone asking?
[3:44] Leopard Adored: i’m really not bothered do as you wish with it its yours now
[3:45] Leopard Adored: yah on resales i like to be hidden so i don’t get your customer enquiries

In 2014 “The Cheetah” had to postpone summer holidays. The Cheetah was invited  to tarvel to Santorini to join the grand opening of Santorini Biennale [on July, 5th at Aressana venue]. The Cheetah is part of  “Discover the Secrets” in DREAMT FOREST [open until October 5th, 2014]. Then “The Cheetah” will travel back to VULCANICUS.


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