Contributor [Creator]: Mdina Magic aka Deandra Agius

You need to take the tag ‘Mdnia Magic’ from the tag-giver and wear the tag to see the artwork of Mdina that was selected for the Volcano of Art. The tag-giver you find in a photo on page ‘Nicci Lane‘ – the rotating globe with five tags: Attard, Birkirkara, Fontana, Mdina, Mosta.


Mdina Magic was the assigned Avatar name for Deandra Agius in the seminar ‘I in 3D’ in 2008/2009.


Deandra Agius studied Maltese and Art Education at the University of Malta. Her main interests are Art and Photography. Deandra about her work:

“The passion towards the creation of Art is something that has been present since the first phases of my life. The visual was always something that overwhelmed me. I have always believed that Art is all about having the freedom to express your personality and creativity. Art is what has always allowed me to express something that potentially, others have not expressed before. Digital Art is the latest invention through which artists are now expressing concepts and emotions. This project gave me the opportunity to create Art in a diverse way, having technology as the main medium at hand which composes ideas through small elements or units known as ‘pixels’.”

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