Creator: Meilo Minotaur

Some artists have a mission to encourage others to make things out of a dream happen. Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu are two of them. As CapCat tells us in her SL profile card that Meilo is her mother I think it is allowed to mention this here. Both working as a team are the creators of Meta Body. Out of this project the finest artistic avatars have been developed, but I mention this in more detail on the page of CapCat as she publishes in English language. I have to admit my talks to Meilo dont work well as I dont understand Portugese and the translators dont work as good as needed for an art talk, so a fundamental missunderstanding might easly happen. Let me show you what you get when you Google on Meilo Minotaur:


I am sure you are motivated to look for more. I suggest you move to the credit page of CapCat Ragu and then you go ‘to search’ for more.

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