Creator: Met Knelstrom

Met Knelstrom [artist], Art Eames [programming] and Artefice Maximus [building] are the avatars Daniel Jung uses now for over six years working with me. We had a great time from the first ideas of ‘art recognition by avatars’ [2008], using programmed tags in VR [2007] and RL [2009], changing worlds on approach [2010] until now as a standalone server and a viewer based on opensim technology could be configured ‘for eternity’ [2013]. Luckily all the steps have been published so it will be fun to look in some years back when others claim ideas we have already brought to life.
For the ‘Volcano of burning prims´I selected work by Met Knelstrom which is based on fractals.


The title of the series of about 40 pictures is ‘Genesis in the Third Grid´.


I invited in 2008 award winning models all over the world [in SL] to have a look on them and to discuss about these pieces of art. During this doing screenshots have been made to become a new layer afterwards to be presented as ‘I in 3D – looking at Genesis’. Two years later I invited them again, to look back. A quite interesting social experiment. You may visit this in SL at SIM Claressa. The name of the gallery is ‘half mile gallery’ – the longest gallery in Second LIfe ever. There is a putter to fly along the shore: no need to walk at all!


The half mile gallery was selected for the ‘art calendar 2013’ by Programmed Art Foundation [Stiftung Kunstinformatik]

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