Creator: Mimesis Monday

What a nice picture. I call it the daughter of ‘The Empress’ wants to play. You surely see this title fits as little boy Klawoon, who looks like a copy of his father Dr. K.,  has an eye on her. He already made the robot drunken and took his glasses away so he can approach and tease her. I am not sure if ‘the blinking energy net’ that the creator Mimesis Monday made around her can protect the princess for long. I have heard she wants to play in the sandbox with other children and the headpiece offered by some robots nurses. Hurry to the Volcano of Art before it is too late to see what happens next …


The avatar I called daughter of the empress was given full perm by Mimesis Monday to the Meta Body II project developed by CapCat Ragu and Meilo Minotaur.

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