Creator: Minethere Always

Minethere Always made the terraforming of the Volcano. She is a designer of raw-files for landscapes. She has a catalogue of files where one can choose the basic design of a SIM. Here you find some terrains Minethere made for free use:


All can be modified. From time to time Minethere publishes a longer text worth to read at

Minethere offers a full world she named ‘Ancient Ruins of Al Khaznehek’ for download at You find the story behind ‘Al Khaznehek’ and the terms to use. I tried it out and all is working fine. The terrain texture I got all white on the opensim server I used [version 0.7.1 DEV], but this is easy to change.


Without Minethere Always the ‘Volcano of Art’ would not exist the way it looks. Thank you Minethere Always always.

4 thoughts on “Creator: Minethere Always

  1. oh my…I saw an entry stat to my blog and followed to here. Thank you so very much for the mention-))

    oh my…I just read other pages…this is in Metro. I had noticed that region but not been there yet. I will go there later today. So cool and I saw some names I recognize on your attributions page also-))))

  2. Hi-)) I keep seeing entry stats to my blog from here, so I came over to look.

    First, thank you, again…I do not know why that terrain issue happens sometimes…it does to me also.

    Strange things happen in opensim…lol

    Also, it may be good to get all the free oars I created, even if not needed now, as I have stopped doing them. The link noted at the top still is good.

    I trust you are doing well.

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