Contributor [Creator]: Mosta Magic aka Kristina Ciantar

You need to take the tag ‘Mosta Magic’ from the tag-giver and wear the tag to see the artwork of Mosta that was selected for the Volcano of Art. The tag-giver you find in a photo on page ‘Nicci Lane‘ – the rotating globe with five tags: AttardBirkirkaraFontanaMdina, Mosta.


Kristina Ciantar [Mosta Magic was her assigned name for the seminar ‘I in 3D’ in 2008/2009]:
“I am currently reading for the B.Ed (Hons) course specialising in Art and Italian in the University of Malta. I am interested in all kinds of art be it written, paintings, photography, installations and video. I am always trying different techniques and coming out with different concepts in my artwork and with this opportunity in working through Second Life I even found joy working in digital art. I really enjoyed it. It was a whole new experience. It is a world within a world where you can easily exhibit one’s own work. It is a whole new concept of an art gallery that is why I really enjoyed doing this project.”

Here you find the catalogue that was printed for download as PDF:


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