Creator: Nanjido Oh

It is time to credit all the creators who are giving their creations with full permissions [copy, mod, trans] to a free use to everyone. I dont know Nanjido Oh, never met her. I sent her IMs, but never got a response. This is noting unusal in virtual worlds. As it is all said by the creator: ‘take it, use it, it´s yours made by me … enjoy, have fun …’


As I made the posting for ‘eye in 4d‘ I had not found the nice eye of Nanjido Oh – now a visit of ‘The Art dome‘ made by ‘The Primexplorer’ [kids aged 10 to 14] has become a little more cute with the Eye of Najido.

[About technology:

For the Volcano of Art ‘The Eye’ is the default avatar if you dont create one of your own or you use the ‘visitor-viewer’ First Grid. Frist Grid is made like a time capsule for online and offline use without the need to get updated in time. You can ‘jump in’ for a fast one-time visit as an ‘Eye’ without registration. This concept is part of the conservation mission and outlined in ‘The Primcurator‘]

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