Creator: Navah Dreams

Navah Dreams [Navah Alphaville] aka Liliana Papadopoulou calls herself an artist, a dreamer, a writer. What she is not saying is that she is a gardener, a gifted photographer and a ‘texture master’. All together comes in her projects. The biggest one has been realized for an ‘environment protection activity’, for a park that exists in Leipzig-Markkleeberg in RL, called ‘agra-park’. Four sims are used to walk around and an out-of-sim area was added. This project was published in ‘Garten und Landschaft’ 03/2013, page 50. Daniel Jung developed for agra-park in 3D a look-up, a voting and a feedback system that brings messages out of the virtual world to RL [on my iphone]. In this projects are heavy impacts to politics and actions of NGOs [in German: Bürgerinitiative] … – agraparkin3d is expanding the use of 3D environments and makes opensim no longer ‘just virtual’.

In the Volcano of Art I selected one of the ‘The Globes’ of Navah Dreams and placed it on a lorry next to Bryn Oh.


Enjoy the video about ‘The Globes’ in Youtube in HD.


[I had to change the music due to German law [GEMA] – so some visitors might not hear the music ‘Behind the Mirror’ by Blutengel that was originally embedded: sorry …]

I shall add that her newest installation  “Dreamt Forest” which spans over a full region was accepted for the Santorni Biennial 2014 [Peace Meachanisms].

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