Creator: Nexuno Thespian

I have to thank Quan as she stated in her blog about Nexuno:

You are sunlight and I moon
Joined by the gods of fortune
Midnight and high noon
Sharing the sky
We have been blessed, you and I.


The sad and beautiful Musical ‘Miss Saigon’ inspired Nexuno Thespian to his latest installation. The sun and moon, always watching the other but never can come together. This idea can be found in many mythologies, often as the male and female principle. As always with Nexuno’s works the installation is joy- and colourful, a feast for the eyes. It has some interactive parts. Of course it is not that easy to find the way from sun to moon and back…”

I asked Nexuno. He created an account in Metropolis, visited the Volcano of Art … and as he saw the greeter made by his friend Yoomo Mayo [Japan] – standing there like just waiting for ‘the sun and the moon’ – I got them. Thank you Nexuno: a great piece of art! I think they shall both stay next to the greeter and play tag with the rollercoaster construction 🙂 And yes you see the greeter has now got company by the hummingbird of Cherry Manga [France].


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