Creator: Nicci Lane

Time to look back: In 2008 I wrote in my blog “y2100”: I dont know much about Nicci. But I will never forget her. I asked Nicci to donate me a copy of her gallery to be used for a lecture I prepared for art students at the University of Malta. And Nicci just said: “sure you can have a copy”. Days later I said: “I need to modify it”. Nicci: “here you have a mod-one”. Then I needed to download a “wall of the gallery” – means the glass texture – and it did not work. Nicci was not online for days and the seminar was ahead. So I asked Ivrai Abramovic to help me and she said: ”I see you got full rights on it. I can do a hack for you”. Linden banned her for this and I did not understand a word. But Ivrai came back after days and was in good mood: ”I am back”. I asked her how can I do compensation? She said: “was your seminar a success?” Oh yes it was! “So it was worth to do it!” Thats Ivrai.

Thats the story of the Valetta Water Gallery [the first VR-world using TAGREZ technology] and the one of Nicci and Ivrai. And this is the gallery as it was used by my students. You see a copy of the catalogue of the exhibition that was shown in RL at the Center St. James Cavalier in Valetta in the video as well.

You can imagine that I feel the duty [and pleasure] to bring  the first virtual gallery I had in a prim-based world into the ‘Volcano of Art’. But also I dont want to add such a big piece of my own doing into it so it gets ‘a wrong side view’, You may ask what this cryptic message means. Look at the installation ‘The Pride’ made by CapTer Kronfeld. Finally I found a way to do it: The gallery and the works of my students from Malta got ‘buried in the sea’ – a little less dramatic it looks when you visit the place.


Just dive into the sea :). I am sure I might get a diving mask donated in time so you can wear it and see the plates in good light [*grins: it´s all about windlight settings you choose*]. For now: take a deep breath and enjoy to see the sunken plates of The Valetta Water Gallery in The Volcano of Art, maked with flag 33. Next to the flag is the ‘tag-giver-ball’. Choose and wear one of the five tags offered.


In this screenhsot you see the work of Mosta Magic aka Kistina Ciantar. When you take and change the ‘tag’ [and wear it] the texture on the plate changes and you see a work of another students of the seminar in 2008. These are the virtual names of the students: Attard Magic, Birki Magic, Fontana Magic, Mdina Magic, Mosta Magic. Gozo Magic aka Dr. Raphael Vella of the University of Malta was the mentor of this project.

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