Creator: Reezy Frequency

I visited Reezy Frequenzy´s Gallery in 2012 seeing some of her artworks with ‘real depth in it’ and got a flashback to some works I made about 35 years ago with a plotter. It was called ‘wireframe technology with hidden line removal’ used on human body forms. What human body form you may imagine when you see the one I got from Reezy for the Volcano of Art. I like this piece much as the beauty of the form comes so clear and the two inner ‘balls’ rotate like life does. To experience the rotation you have to buy a copy from Reezy *smiles* – so I visited her gallery once more today [28 October 2013] to tune my text, but I could not find the work any longer – I was shocked as I noticed Reezy Frequency has not been online for almost 3 month. But thats the Volcano of Art for: pieces of early 3D art to be conserved in a time capsule, whatever happens: The work of Reezy I collected will stay


I know Reezy is a close friend of Mik Frequency and Reezy shows many of the pieces of Mik in her gallery. They are great and worth to visit for sure. As I asked Mik to take part in the Volcano of Art he was not interested, so I have nothing from him in my time capsule. I was in his studio today – just take the teleporter from Reezy´s gallery – and took a seat on his chair. You see he is British *laughs*. You also see he has mixed some items made of prims and some of mesh. My viewer shows mesh as boxes [3 big green ones, 1 brown in this picture below]. In a view years all the prim stuff might be gone out of visability like the mesh boxes are not rezzed in my old viewer. Why to carry old technology like a bag of rotten tomatoes along with fresh fruits? Even WIndows XP is gone. Some of my great old software packages do not run with Windows 8 – not even in the ‘compatibility box’. I was thinking of Blade Runner ‘Tears in Rain’ when I was sitting there in Mik´s prim chair. All ‘user created prim content in SL’ will be gone when technology changes. It´s great to see C.A.L.L. [Creators Against Linden Lab] fighting, but from a different point of view: technology will eat early Digital Art. Let´s conserve it as long as it is still possible.


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