Creator: Renn Yifu

Renn Yifu, well known in SL for his group Renn´s TRAUM, is a 33 years old 3D artist from Germany [2013]. His creations are so well made and advanced that he could manage to work in 3D worlds as a full time job.


I met Renn as he got a job from Linden Lab in 2010 to create a new series of Avatar robots. For some time a new resident of Second Life could decide to start ‘for life’ as a robot made by Renn Yifu. As he has been paid for creating these Avatars by Linden Lab I could not get a copy for the Volcano of Art. Renn transformed a different one for vulcanicus and named the robot DEXTER. You see when you visit the Volcano of Art how strong DEXTER is. He is about to fix a gangway on top of the Volcano with his bare hands and a hammer!

In addition to the robot DEXTER Renn Yifu gave me a copy of Dr. Klawoon. Dr. K. is engraving the Volcano of Art with all the names of the contributors. Without Dr. K. the installation would not have this nice form of credits to the contributors. Thank you Renn!

For all lovers of robots it is a must to visit Renn Yifu´s shop. For the calender ‘I SUPPORT’ 2013 I selected ‘The Yellow Robot: Bulp’:


In early 2014 D.E.X.T.E.R. got a call to take next shuttle to Santorini as work was getting too much for artist Navah Dreams in digging holes to plant trees.  He worked so hard that the installation was selected out of 1,668 applications in the 2014 Santorini Biennale. Now D.E.X.T.E.R. is part of 56 selected works and enjoys the ride in the Hypergate structures used by HG safari. He got travel permission. On Oct. 5th, 2014 the ride will be over and he has to travel back to VULCANICUS.

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