Creator: SaveMe Oh

Save Me or I save You. That is the cryptic message of SaveMe Oh, one of the most controversial artists in SL. ‘Oh save me SaveMe Oh’ is the slogan one easily might work out. Is SaveMe Oh an artist or a critics or an actor? I know her now for a while and I still don’t know. I will not find out. All I know is that she likes to be banned and plays then the artist who has true insight. You may follow her path by joining her group in facebook ‘LEA Liking Every Ass’. Save Me Oh comes to art openings, mostly uninvited, makes a statement, a performance and things go its way. Some say she makes a mess, disturbs and insults only. Other say a wild genius is on her way.


I got her ‘Third Life’ project for the ‘Volcano of Art’, placed SaveMe Oh [= the yellow Avatar] on the hand of the creator of this world and let SaveMe Oh switch on the telephatic beam on which the vessels are accelerating to get the art they carry burned in the hypergate.


Third Life is not new, but the way SaveMe Oh made it work I like so I will just quote her lines:
Third Life.
Why we avatars always have to obey the moods and demands of our RL counterparts? One day they just park us at another horrible event in one of Secondlife’s art sims like UWA or LEA were the primglued attempt of art make you wanna suicide on the spot, the other day they make you perform as a virtual pole-dancer to earn some cash because the RL counterpart is to frugal to take a premium account. When the moment arrives that you actually start to be more a personality than your RL counterpart, who you might consider as a elderly catlady with a hobby or a wannabe curator who is in reality the toiletlady at some dark and forgotten university it is time to free the avatar, get independent, and let’s create ourselves a Third Life were we can relax as we wish, get some entertainment, work on our health and watch a decent sunset. Get also a Third Life and make it YOU who is in control!

One thought on “Creator: SaveMe Oh

  1. 2014-06-19 [13:36] SaveMe Oh: (looking at a new exhibition) its sad that there are people who like this and put a frame around it
    [13:37] SB [A gallerist]: what do you see as good art SaveMe?
    [13:37] Art Blue: I understand after some years now SaveMe Oh. She turn critics to art as all what art needs is attention, so her critics has to be this way
    [13:38] SaveMe Oh: You understand nothing
    [13:38] SB [A gallerist]: ok – but I would like to see what she realy likes?
    [13:38] SaveMe Oh: I like everything I do myself
    [13:38] SaveMe Oh: thats the real thing
    [13:38] SB [A gallerist]: lol
    [13:38] Art Blue: this is what I say!
    [13:38] SaveMe Oh: this here is primwaste
    [13:38] SaveMe Oh: and a vulcano would be a great help here
    [13:39] SaveMe Oh: not as artproject, but as recycle installation

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