Creator: Sisi Biedermann


I met Sisi Biedermann in her gallery ‘Gualdo‘ she opened in 2008 in SL. I read the notecard where she introduces herself:

“My family has been painting as long back as I remember. I started as a teenager to paint with oil on canvas. Then many years passed and I did not have the time or place for the painting. I discovered that it was easier and more satisfying to take photos. So I did that for many years, until I was so lucky to get my first digital camera. In a period of about 3 years I had taken many thousand photos.

Then in 2009 I suddenly got the idea that maybe it could be fun to paint again. I bought canvas and acrylic paint. After this I have painted more than 50 paintings the last 2½ years. Still developing my technique.
At the same time I discovered the world of Second Life and all the possibilities of making photos and sculptures in here. A whole new world had opened for me. I opened my own gallery and let other artists in here. Being a part of this community fills my world with colours and happiness.”

So I [I met her as Art Blue] was sure I will have a good talk with Sisi. And indeed after a while of talking about art and art education we came to speak about her technique and I managed to decipher it. Enjoy the way Sisi Biedermann is moving from a screenshot to a personal work of digital art. Maybe there are more secrets, but I will not dare to ask for more. Thank you Sisi for sharing 🙂

Hi Art,
I send you hereby my special secret SB-process to make my SL-photos look professional.

I start with a simple sl-shot in high resolution.
Next step is that I open my editing program (in my case its called Micrograph Picture Publisher) and collect my sl-photo. Then comes the fun part: I open the effect button in the top, and find the Psychedelic macros button. I press this once and go down to psychedelic clouds. Press this and I have a look on the result … Im not satisfied yes, and try once more with a new effect.
This time I go into effects, and down to General Effect Macros, and down to Poster Edges Dark.

Now im satisfied. Then I will make a dark frame. I go into Effects again, and down into Border Macros. Here I choose Vignette Black. Now its beginning to look more personal.
Now it only remains the last step to make it personal.
Now open the picture in Paint program and add my personal signature in the corner.


I illustrate the talk by adding the original raw-screenshot and two RL paintings of Sisi Biederman so get get an idea in what direction the artist might work in choosing effects. Or maybe just to do it different in virtual worlds? Visit the Volcano of Art and you see the steps from the SL-photo to the final art that is in the exhibition [the picture No. 22 with the avatar. The avatar was made by Ggabriel Madruga].

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