Creator: Soror Nishi


Soror Nishi came to my gallery ‘Claressa’ in 2010. I wanted to show her the idea of conservation, so the word about it would spread around … as Soror is a famous plant-maker and a true artist in virtual worlds. I knew Soror is in InWorldz as well as in SL and so she is able to conserve her work by her own doing. She said: “I have great artwork got from a friend who left SL and he would like to have this conserved for sure, but I dont have it with mod rights”. I asked her if he will ever come back to SL to give her a mod-copy-trans and she shaked her head. Suddenly Soror asked for permission to rezz and gave me her “BIG TREE” which will be seen in 2012 in a movie in real life. I am proud that I became her primcurator out of a sudden impulse.

There is more to see from Soror Nishi at: I asked her as I saw the domain “.is” if she lives in Iceland and she said: “No! but my website is powered by a Volcano”.

Enjoy her ‘BIG TREE’ in the ‘Volcano of Art’. As the tree is sooo huge and it shows so much detail I might need to cut it down to pieces. Then the branches and the trunk will fill many lorry cars. But it will be worth to do so as Soror´s art will burn long in the volcano. The transporter enjoys to get so many prims to burn to cubes. See the lorry car with the ‘Loose Screws‘ of Fiona Blaylock getting closer to the celebration *smiles


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