Creator: Vanish Firecaster

‘Shields up’ first engineer Met Knelstrom said and pressed the button at AM Radio transmitter, but it was already too late. Captain Janeway from ‘Rift Horizon’ attacked the Volcano of Art and brought disruptors, camouflaged as white and black balls, threatening Tillo Tallo who was just working on the symphony of cubes ready to play the MONDRIAN piano. But it was just a friendly greeting from some Art Deco enthusiasts who had rented ‘Rift Horizon’ to watch Tillo Tallo´s performance.


This great work made with 240 prims [no sculpts, no mesh] was the winner in the October 2013 competition of Opensim Creations made by Vanish Firecaster aka Vanish Seriath or in short ‘Vanish’.

Maybe on a visit of the Volcano of Art you can take a seat in the space cruiser?


2 thoughts on “Creator: Vanish Firecaster

    • Thank you much Vanish. I see now you have been the winner in September. Congrats! I may checkout the butterfly very soon as I have one in the Volcano – made by Rob Balder. I was told this one feels lonely, so time for a visit of a human who can shape-shift to a butterfly? I shall ask the butterfly first to avoid that the one living there gets shocked.

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