Creator: Wizard Gynoid

Wizard Gynoid [Wizzy] is a programming artist.  Wizzy donated an ‘isotropic sphere’ made of 243 prims. Lets give her room to introduce herself: “I am a Fractal Expressionist. A citizen of the Info-Sphere. A virtual artisan and sacred geometer.” You may explore Wizard Gynoid via her page


When you visit the Volcano of Art fly to the top of the rollercoaster and say ‘hi’ to the little wizard who is patiently waiting for your visit. Then click to get the construction rezzed.


Wizard Gynoid is a member of LIFENAUT.

The idea to implement in an Avatar a copy of the thinking preferences of its maker to get an AI-Avatar is not new. Read the article ‘The Primcurator‘ and the related footnote No. 16 linked to the ‘Brainbridge profile

Btw. you are looking for the world records of Wizzy mentioned in The Artefact? Here is witness of Danko Whitfield …

s ….

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