Programmer [Creator]: Zeno Astronen

VULCANICUS was completed on December 3rd, 2013. On 4th of December ‘The Volcano of Art’ was boxed and delivered to a Mercatoria needle ship with destination DRON7. We did not need to wait long to get answer. The temple of the Vesta [made by Excess Lemmon] arrived, was handed out ‘by the Gods of carbon life forms’ and placed into water next to Dr. Klawoom [made by Renn Yifu].

But this was not all. Most important inside the temple was the reborn  ‘Alien Dog FLA on its way to Bruckner Concerthouse’, programmed by Zeno Astronen. All FLA wanted was that there is a window to his world so he can send messages to different locations and time zones. Venus and Mars [made by JadeYu Fhang] are watching the signals from a safe distance.


Now VULCANICUS is connected to the future. Thanks to Zeno Astronen aka Dr. Josef Reinkenhof and the alien dog FLA.

And yes there is a story of this happening behind … [coming soon maybe at ‘’].

More to read about Dr. Josef Reinkenhof in German language at ‘die Stimme’ [ Feb., 9, 2011] – and as a backup I uploaded it so it will not get lost in time.


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