[Creators]: I in 3D, Valletta, Malta 2008


In 2008 I got the chance to lecture about walkable 3D worlds in art at the ‘Art Programme, Department of Arts and Languages in Education, Faculty of Education, University of Malta‘ .

As there is a full documentation available in print and as PDF to download I just want to mention here the participants:

David Cassar via http://attardmagic.vulcanicus.com/
Sarah Meli via http://birkimagic.vulcanicus.com/
Ramona Debono via http://fontanamagic.vulcanicus.com/
Deandra Agius via http://mdinamagic.vulcanicus.com/
Kristina Ciantar via http://mostamagic.vulcanicus.com/

Dr. Raphael Vella was the project coordinator at the University. Thank you much Raphael to make an exhibition in RL at the Center St. Cavalier in Valetta possible. RFID tags could be used to see the change of artworks on a screen just by approaching the flatscreens.

In the Volcano of Art you can see at the playground part of a sunken gallery. By selecting one of the five tags of the participants you may see one of the artworks on the sunken frame. You see more in Youtube. Just enter ‘I in 3D’ and the artist name or have a look in the PDF to get the links.

I have to thank Nicci Lane for donating the gallery design and Ivrai Abramovic for the help to make the project in 2008 work.

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