Exhibition at SIM Claressa [Draft page]

Dear artist and contributor to the Volcano of Art. There will be soon in SL an exhibition at gallery RIFTHORIZON [= I in 3D] at SIM Claressa to share ideas, to talk and to get a complete view of what made it into the time capsule. Not everyone might visit now or soon the ‘vulcanicus simulator’ via opengrids. There is no need to hurry – it is time left to explore until 2035 🙂

Due to the technology we use at RIFTHORIZON all exhibitions become a permanent show. A visitor takes the ‘vulcanicus tag’ and wears it. Then the gallery walls re-rezz and show the exhibition that fits to the choosen tag [until a different tag is worn].

Have a look at the gallery whenever you like and invite your friends. As the gallery is a half mile long there is a putter to fly along so you will not need new shoes after such a long walk:)


This draft page is for now just to give you an idea of the design and format  (4:3)  of the pictures for the exhibition. I would like to get a suited title from each artist [=you] and the year of the creation of the selected artwork – in case I dont see it by inspection of the linked prims. I tell you what picture I have in mind for your contribution via IM in SL, opensim or facebook.

Here are two examples how the presentation might look:



Your virtual name only or your virtual name and RL name can be set before title and date. The title can be in English only or in your native language and in English.

Example for full naming and two languages:

‘Met Knelstrom aka Daniel Jung: Tür zu Genesis. Door into Genesis [2009]’

Time does not stop to run. Much is happening. Dont know where to start, where to end. Just now I found a PDF [‘the cathedrals of fractals: a sigularity is happening’] where the dialogue of the 1st presentation of the ‘daVinci machine’ at RIFT HORIZON can be found. As it is very difficult to keep all activities together in some blogs, I recomend you look at cnn.schneeberger.de to get at least the most important ones …


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