Lets meet again at WonderChamberMusic

The Volcano of Art will be presented to the public in 2035 at Kunsthalle Bremen as a retrospective of ‘Digital Art out of the first user created content machine based on 3D prims’. Some of my early works I made in the late 70th of the past century are collected there. And the MONDRIAN machine coded in 1979 by Herbert W. Franke on a TI 99/4 homecomputer will be implemented in the volcano in a recoded 3D version. The publication ‘WUNDERKAMMERMUSIK‘ of Bremer Kunsthalle was published in German language. I will work on a translation of some relevant parts when I have some spare time.

Watch out and enjoy the time passing.

Reiner Schneeberger, November 2013

Lets meet again and let the artist be present:

“For her 2010 MoMa retrospective, Marina performed ‘The Artist is Present’, the biggest exhibition of performance art in MoMA’s history.”

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